Shoot Plup

[Shoot Plup Causality] In 2350, the Evil Spirit Plu controlled all the Plut Plamet Stars. The controlled Plut Plamet Stars were assigned with mysterious mind, and evolved into Plup Meta. The dak heart inside each Plup was printed with evil mission - "destroy all human beings and occupy their last universe resources". After that, Plu lost induction in the universe, then no even one other spirit can feel its existence. One group of Plups in them occupied one of human hapitat in some universe diff-matrix limited space. Most human beings were devoured by the Plups except several left ones including you. As human living, your mission is to destroy all of the Plups and protect this space. The human companion ancestors have built and deployed decentralized cryptocurrency network around many matrices in the whole universe. Each node of the cryptocurrency network relays on the universe basic unit - meta. The SpartanCoin is a very healthy cryptocurrency in them.


Shoot Plup 0.1 starter Release (2019-03-21)

Runtime Requirements:
Accelerated Video Driver for OpenGL
x86 arch (Intel, AMD) Desktop
Threaded CPU (at least two cores)
1G+ RAM (This is only a hint)

Download Shoot Plup 0.1 starter